September 30, 2011

Current Look: Casual Karl

Karl was pretty wiped out after the party, so he decided he needed a day off to relax in a more casual look. I couldn't possibly be more pleased that the 70s are so heavily influencing current styles. It was such a flattering decade of fashion. Flared legs and flowy skirts look great on everyone. Recently, I dug out all my flared jeans from college. I have also been collecting vests like it's my job and have had an unusual attraction to fringe.  Maybe there's a little boho buried deep in my style just begging to come out. Hmm, doubt it!

Tank: $50, Karl Lagerfeld for Macy's
Jeans: old, Express
Vest: gifted, vintage
Bag: $1, Sigrid Olsen, at a garage sale
Shades: $1, Charmin' Charlie's
Watch: $60, Swiss Legend (mens), at TJ Maxx
Lion ring: $8, eBay
Turquoise bangle: $4, Charlotte Russe
Gold bangles: gifted
Belt: $3, Brighton, at Goodwill
Wedges: $60, Pour la Victoire, at Neiman Marcus Last Call

Apparel total: $50
Accessories total: $137
Grand total: $187

Photos by Jared J Davis copyright 2011

September 27, 2011

Current Look: Indigo Blue

Lightweight denim shirts are my new favorite thing to wear for Fall. They're seasonless, so they will transition well into the looks I'd like to be wearing right now but can't since we're still scorching it at 98 degrees. That's actually why I've decided to sell my little blue vintage skirt here on etsy. I love it but never wear it because I have to wear a skirt underneath for fullness, which is far too many layers to be practical. Maybe someone in Maine could enjoy it.

Shirt: $4, thrifted, at Goodwill
Skirt: vintage, for sale here on etsy
Necklace: $13, Sam Moon
Arm party: gifted
Belt: $3, Ralph Lauren, at Goodwill
Shoes: $60, Pour la Victoire, at Neiman Marcus Last Call

Apparel total: $4
Accessories total: $76
Grand total: $80

Photos by Jared J Davis copyright 2011

September 26, 2011

Current DIY: Feather Necklace

feather necklace inspiration

As promised, here are the instructions for the black feather necklace I've been wearing to death lately. 

Materials (All available at craft stores):
18-22" Black Chain
Big lobster claw clasp (I use the chain itself to adjust length)
Black felt 
Bag of black feathers  
Hot glue

1. Draw a half moon/smiley face shape on the felt. Mine is 5.5" long and 1.5" wide at the widest point. Fold felt in half and cut out the shape, so you end up with 2 identical pieces.
2. Starting in the middle of the chain, hot glue the chain in the top third of one piece of the felt, leaving 1/4 to a 1/2" edge along the top of the felt.
3. Arrange feathers by length of tail, longest in the middle to shortest on each side. Glue feathers to the felt piece under the chain. You may have to make 2 layers to get an opaque finish.
4. Glue other piece of felt on top to cover the exposed chain and gluey-feathery mess. Press together at the top to cover the chain.
5. Attach clasp and enjoy! 

 The whole shebang took about 15 minutes and cost me less than $5. That's my kind of DIY! Karl likes it, too.

September 24, 2011

Current Look: Party Karl

Shut the front door! Karl Lagerfeld is on my shirt! His line for Macy's is brilliant. I couldn't resist grabbing this tank, and I'm so obsessed with it that I plan on starting a series of Karl looks. I wanted to dress the tank up a bit, so I added my tulle ballerina skirt. I'd say we're ready to hit the town.

Next week I'll post a how-to of my feather necklace, so y'all come back now, ya hear?

Karl tank: $50, Karl Lagerfeld for Macy's
Skirt: $14, White House|Black Market, at the outlet store
Hat: old, forever21
Necklace: $5, DIY
Necklace worn a bracelet: gifted
Ring: gifted
Watch: gifted
Clutch: $20, Dolce and Gabanna sunglasses case, on eBay
Shoes: $75, Mea Shadow, on HauteLook

Apparel total: $64
Accessories total: $121
Grand total: $185

Photos by Jared J Davis copyright 2011

September 23, 2011

Current DIY: Ankle boots

Say hello to the best DIY of my life! I have been absolutely smitten with all of the chunky heeled ankle boots I've been seeing, but not so excited with the thought of shelling out at least $150 or more for a good quality pair. After taking my favorite cheap-o summer sandals to the shoe shop for the 3rd time to re-glue the sole, I've become a shoe snob and only buy genuine leather.  So I began to scheme about how to find a pair I could swing. Then it occurred to me, I wonder if I could turn a pair of knee high boots into ankle boots?

I headed to my local Goodwill and found a pair for $5. I knew as soon as I cut the top off that the zipper would no longer be functional, so I tried sewing on a few snaps, but that left puckers and looked tacky. Then I wondered if I could lace them together with suede cord. It worked! See the instructions below. 

Knee high boots - leather or suede
Suede cord - at least 4 yards
Leather hole punch - available at craft stores
Hot glue
Marker - I used a silver Sharpie
Needle and thread

1. Cut boots to desired shaft height. I went with a 5" shaft (measured at the seam where the boot and heel meet in the back). I left the cut edge unfinished because I think it makes them more interesting.
2. If boots are lined, cut at least one inch of lining off from the cut edge of the leather, so that the lining doesn't show when wearing. 
3. Reinforce flap under the zipper where the cut was made by hand stitching. You'll want to keep that piece in, unless you like plastic/metal rubbing against your leg all day.
4. Grab a ruler and start at the bottom of one size of the zipper and mark dots every 1/2 inch up to the cut edge of the boot. Repeat on the other side. Be sure to have an odd number of holes so that lace finishes on the outside of the boot.
5. Choose the hole on a leather hole punch that just fits your suede cord. Punch holes where you've marked the dots.
6. Lace cord from bottom to top. Put the shoes on, lace them properly for fit, and tie off in a bow or knot before trimming excess. Leave about 1/2 inch longer to attach the tassels.
7. Using leather from the cut portion of the boot, make tassels for the ends of the suede laces by following the instructions found here on PS I Made This. I used 4 pieces of 1" wide by 3" long.

Total cost of materials and supplies: about $13. WIN! 

September 20, 2011

Current Look: Mad for Missoni

Yes, yes, I did it. I proudly participated in the Missoni for Target pandemonium. I was at my local store at 8am, helping the employees unpack the shipment boxes for the rain boots. I didn't get any of the apparel because I happen to know that you can get real Missoni apparel at comparable prices through upscale resale shops, online sources, etc. But I did snag some of the home goods and accessories, including this fab little (and by little I mean enormous) tote. I'm pretty crazy about it.

I have also been on quite the DIY streak. I started with the neon and chain bracelet pictured above that my friend Shelby tweeted about a few weeks ago. You can find the original instructions here. I then made the sweet feather necklace I'm wearing, and moved right along onto the crown of my DIY creations, these ankle boots. I'll post instructions for both soon, don't you worry.

Shirt: $4, thrifted, at Goodwill
Skirt: $5, forever21
Necklace: $5, DIY
Bracelets: gifted and  $5, DIY
Watch: gifted
Bag: $35, Missoni for Target
Shades: $20, Marc Jacobs, at Marshall's
Boots: $13, DIY

Apparel total: $9
Accessories total: $78
Grand total: $87

Photos by Jared J Davis

September 16, 2011


When I placed my latest pair of heels in their new spot in my shoe closet, it dawned on me that I might have a bit of a thing for nude heels. Well, maybe it's more like a habit. When it comes to shoes, you can't possibly have too much of a good thing.

L to R: Pour La Victoire suede pointy toe wedges, BCBG patent round toe pumps, Worthington patent pointy toe pumps, Carlos by Carlos Santana suede strappy heels, Nine West ankle boots

The genius behind the lens: Jared J Davis

September 12, 2011

Current Look: Favorites

Man, I think these are some of my favorite shots yet since I started blogging. Jared really is a genius. I think it also helps that this look has some of my favorite style elements, like black, silk and leopard. My Fall style tends to be a little more urban, and I'm loving more sophisticated, minimally accessorized looks.

Blouse: $4, thrifted, at Goodwill
Pants: $5, United Colors of Bennetton, on clearance at the outlet
Belt: $3, Express, at Goodwill
Bag: old, Express
Black & white bangle: c/o El Vintage
Bracelets: gifted
Ring: gifted
Watch: $60, Swiss Legend (mens), at TJ Maxx
Shoes: $14, Worthington, at JC Penney
Nails: China Glaze in For Audrey

Apparel total: $9 (wowza, under ten bucks!)
Accessories total: $77
Grand total: $86

Photos by Jared J Davis copyright 2011

September 9, 2011

Current Look: Classic Cat

Meow! I think black and red mixed with leopard print is one of those classic fashion combinations that will never go out of style. I like the idea of mixing timeless color combos with modern shapes. It doesn't get any more now than the full skirt with the front tucked blouse. I pretty much front tuck everything these days, even my gym shirts.

Can we please say hello to my new lovelies? Meet my Mea Shadow wedges that I scored on HauteLook. Don't worry, you'll become fast friends because I'll be wearing them all Fall. That way I can still enjoy my $2 glitter nail polish by Milani. Every time I glance at my toes I get happy. Cheers to cheap thrills!

Blouse: $6, thrifted, at Goodwill
Skirt: $17, Target (a few years ago)
Belt: old, Express
Necklace: $12, on Harwin St. in Houston
Bracelets: gifted
Watch: $60, Swiss Legend (mens), at TJ Maxx
Wedges: $75, Mea Shadow, on HauteLook

Apparel total: $23
Accessories total: $147
Grand total: $170

Photos by Jared J Davis

September 5, 2011

Current Look: Chai Latte

I know, I know, this Fall is supposed to be all about bright colors. I'll get there, I promise. For now, I'm stuck on latte-inspired shades, especially all in one look. I'm also enjoying longer inseam shorts; they feel fresh compared to all the teeny tiny cutoffs I see.

Since it's officially September and therefore Fall by the calendar in my head, I've resumed my normal beauty routine of winged black eyeliner and a bright lip. I'm starting with orange and will move to red (my fave) and I may get excited and try one of the deep berry shades from the runways.

As of now, the fires here in Central Texas haven't reached me, but my heart is breaking for the people affected by them. Please keep us in your prayers.

Blouse: $4, thrifted, at Goodwill
Lace tank: $17, Target
Tank (underneath): old
Shorts: gifted, Banana Republic
Necklace: $8, local boutique
Bracelets: gifted
Watch: $60, Michael Kors, at watch outlet
Shoes: $60, Pour la Victoire, at Neiman Marcus Last Call

Lips: Revlon Moon Drops in Peach Silk
Nails: China Glaze in For Audrey (Tiffany blue, adore it!)

Apparel total: $21
Accessories total: $128
Grand total: $149

Photos by Jared J Davis

September 2, 2011

Current Wish List August 2011

Current Wish List August 2011

Zara jeans
$60 -

Jeffrey Campbell zips shoes
$155 -

Metalic shoes
$50 -

Noir Jewelry gunmetal ring
$130 -

I've got gold and pink on the brain. You know how I adore all things shiny. From the frog prince ring to the gold jeans to the unbelievable gold and pink Miu Miu ankle boots. In fact, the Fall Miu Miu shoe collection is so delicious I'll probably give it its own post. When the Missoni for Target collection comes out on September 13th, you can bet I'll be up bright and early to snag those rain boots. Love!