October 19, 2012

Currently Craving: Casual

Hi there friends! Long time no blog. I'll try to make a post later about what I've been up to. In the meantime, I was daydreaming earlier and saw myself wearing this casual look. I don't currently own any of these pieces, save for a brown belt. Random, huh?

August 24, 2012

Current Look: Repeat

My obsession with my DIY drop waist dress continues. I'm planning to make myself at least 3 more. You've been warned.

Thank you all for your wonderfully encouraging comments on my last post. I am once again amazed at the kindness and goodness of human beings. I haven't met any of you in person, yet I feel immensely connected with and supported by each of you. Thank you. It has meant much to me this last week.

Dress: DIY, get yours here
Watch: old, Swiss Legend mens
Ring: gifted
Necklace: $7, vintage, at an estate sale
Shoes: $50, Mea Shadow, on hautelook

Apparel total: nada
Accessories total: $57
Grand total: $57

Photos by Jared J Davis copyright 2012

August 16, 2012

Current Look: This Little Piggy Stayed Home

Before I provide the promised explanation for my blogging withdrawal, let me give you the story behind this vest. Most of you dear readers know I was raised on a pig farm here in Texas. I also showed pigs through 4H (sort of like dog shows, if you've seen those on TV). In 1997, I won Grand Champion at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo with my pig Astro. That's the equivalent of winning the Superbowl. I wore this vest when I auctioned my pig for $85,000. Yes, you read that right. No, I didn't get to keep it all. Most went into a scholarship fund for college kids around the state. Anyway, now that denim vests are in style currently, I figured I may as well rock my piggy vest. I smile every time I wear it. Such happy memories!

Now for my explanation. First, my style is significantly evolving, becoming more European and more streamlined. As a stylist, I can style any style, but personally I hadn't yet defined my own. I was still emulating others. This summer I've done a major overhaul of my closet, ridding it of things that aren't truly "me." It's a process, and I'm certainly not done, but I do think you'll notice the change.

In addition, and more importantly, I am losing one of the most significant people in my life to a progressively degenerative disease. Things have been bad for about 2 years but have become severe within the last 6-8 months. I have been spending much of my free time (ie blogging time) caring for her. Basically, this little piggy has been staying home. There's this idea in our culture of the "tortured artist," someone who can channel  emotional pain into creativity. Not me. I create from joy and to me, fashion is joy. When it comes to looks and blogging, the honest truth is that I just haven't felt like it. I never stopped following your lovely blogs or the current trends. I could never stay away from style.

Skirt: $5, forever21
Tank: old, random brand from Marshall's
Vest: old
Necklace: DIY
Ring: gifted
Clutch: old, Express
Shoes: $50, Zara (last season)

Apparel total: $5
Accessories total: $50
Grand total: $55

Photos by Jared J Davis copyright 2012

August 10, 2012

Current Look: DIY Drop Waist Dress

Hi friends! Have you missed me? I promise to provide an explanation for my absence from the blogosphere in my next post. For now, I'm entirely too excited to bring you my latest DIY: the Drop Waist Dress!

It all started after seeing this look from my favorite blogger Blair of Atlantic-Pacific. Then I received an email from Net-a-Porter harkening fit and flare as the most current style in dresses. I was this close to point-click-buying Blair's dress here from Topshop when I thought to myself, "Wait just a cotton-pickin second! I could make this!" And the stylecurrent drop waist dress was born.

Want to know the most exciting part? For the first time ever, I'm making my DIY dress available to any fashion-forward feline who wants it, right here in my Etsy shop.

Dress: DIY, get yours here
Watch: old, DKNY
Ring: gifted
Necklace: $12, on Harwin Street in Houston
Shoes: $23, DIY, instructions here

Apparel total: nada
Accessories total: $35
Grand total: $35

Photos by Jared J Davis copyright 2012

July 10, 2012

Current DIY: Sparkly Cap Toe Pumps

We've all seen the delicious shoe selections of late featuring a contrast cap toe. From Stuart Weitzmen to Zara, the toe is definitely in the spotlight, so you know I had to have a pair in stylecurrent royal blue.

So with some inspiration from my friend Sally and loads of helpful tips from my BFF Bonnie (aka The Queen of Bling), I got to work!
Here's what you'll need:
1. Pointy toe shoes
    I chose fabric ones so that the paint would adhere better.
2. Packing tape
3. Silver and white acrylic paint
4. Paint supplies
5. Rhinestones
    I went with the higher quality kind, so that they'd really sparkle. I used size 20ss flat back stones.
6. E-6000 glue

1. Tape off your cap toe.
Tip: Be sure the tape is secure. I didn't, and my paint bled a bit. I had to go over the messy edges with a blue    Sharpie. Hopefully this won't be too visible when on.

3. Paint the toes white first to prime them; allow to dry, then paint toes silver until opaque.
I didn't prime mine first and after 3 coats of silver it still wasn't opaque. After priming, it took only 2 coats of silver to get the desired effect.

4. Starting with the edges, glue rhinestones onto paint. Work inward until the whole toe is covered in bling.
Tip: Squeeze a small amount of E-6000 onto a scrap piece of paper, then use a toothpick to put a tiny amount of glue on each rhinestone. They less glue than you might think. You'll have to repeat squeezing the glue onto the paper often, as the glue dries after a few minutes.
Tip: E-6000 stays pliable for a bit, so the rhinestones can be repositioned before firmly set.
5. Let them dry for 12-24 hours, then enjoy!

Cost of supplies
Shoes: $16, on clearance at JC Penney
Tape, paint and paint supplies: already had
Rhinestones: $4.50 for 2 packages at Hobby Lobby (used a coupon for one)
Glue: $2 at Hobby Lobby

Grand total: $22.50